Get Vintage Online – Part 3

Retro Daisy Vintage

With the past icons of Hollywood very much in their eyes, this site aims to achieve the sense of glamour that is almost forgotten beginning in the 1940s and working its way over a couple decades, now they seek to bring it back. Expect to find looks and entire outfits that simulate the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly as they try to kit you out with a look that will transform you into a modern day bombshell. The dresses here are key to the look, you will find all manner of polka dots, monochromes and floral patterns printed onto elegantly shaped form fitting dresses. Just as the models show, a classic hairstyle and some pale heels will pretty much do the trick if you have an entire dress that pulls off the vintage feel. This is what Retro Daisy is great at, creating whole outfits, which will save you heaps of time if you are in a rush or are new to older fashion. Their playsuit section also does this perfectly, in this corner of the site you will find dungarees and matching shirts, naval jumpsuits and vintage swimwear, which is hard to get your hands on. All of these come in a range of sizes (including plus sizes) but their stock isn’t unlimited, so grab what you can fast.

1st Dibs

This place is for those with exceptional vintage tastes and impressive modern bank accounts. The items here don’t come cheap because they are unquestionable designer items all with the aesthetics of yesteryear, some of which are even one of a kind. Their clothing includes dresses for all occasions, accessories of all kinds from luggage tags to phone cases and everything in between. This place is like a giant designer store and is just as complex, though their custom categories do make things a little easier. It is also home to a huge range of art pieces and furniture that will also make those with shallow pockets faint when glancing at their prices. Unless you live in a penthouse in Dubai, you aren’t going to be doing a lot of your shopping here, but their impressive catalogue of items is a perfect place to hunt for that one expensive feature you need, whether that be a knockout dress for a special dinner or that artwork you’ve always wanted for your living room.

On the opposite side of the coin, this online thrift store is a fantastic place to grab something vintage at incredibly low prices. Even the pop up vintage stores on the high street need to pay the bills, but people who have old (or old style) clothes often just want to make a quick quid from a sale. This is the background of what the site does, but before you stress about the woes of having to deal with sellers (like the nightmare of Ebay), you will be glad to know here you just shop like normal. does all the legwork in acquiring and buying up one of a kind items, all you have to do is put them in your basket. You may have to do a little more searching but the price really makes it worth your while.