Awesome Retro Décor – Part 3

Old School Bedsheets

The typical patterns that became a staple of these decades were really everywhere, so why not embrace the madness by making your bed a main feature of retro style. The laser looking, bowling carpet style patterns instantly transform your bedroom when placed on a central feature like your bed. Though if you don’t want to get lost in all the abstract lines and shapes you can also whack on a pattern that features characters from retro shows. If you are going for nostalgia here your best move is to pick a favourite movie or cartoon and start hunting for some (not so) cool bedding. People are custom printing retro sheets with characters on featuring everything from E.T, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars and much more. Create the childhood room you wanted but never got with a bed that looks like a 10 year old still sleeps in it.

Rubix Cube Clock

If your room isn’t mainly covered in plastic, you are doing it wrong. One of the most held and most adored pieces of plastic that lasted throughout the era was of course the Rubix cube. This little puzzler had everyone wondering how to match all its sides up, with most people giving up in a minute or two. Show this classic game and purveyor of retro style some respect and get a novelty clock to honour both the toy and the old school need for delightfully tacky clock designs.

Cassette Tape Coffee Table

This is unquestionably a novelty piece that would not go amiss in a themed basement but would definitely get a few stares in your regular living room. Made to look exactly like a giant sized tape (an old way of listening to music for all you young readers), this retro monstrosity really brings back the style in a big bad way. Though it may seem chunky and unsightly (which it kind of is) it does have a functional purpose which of course is holding your drinks, or whatever you place on it. It also has a hideaway compartment where you can store anything from remotes to outdated 80s magazines and comics. Finally don’t worry about the holes in the centre either because they become handy holders to store things upright in. Available in several styles, this over the top centerpiece can even be customised as the strip at the top is left blank so you can use a sharpie to right in your favourite album.

Postmodern Sofa

Design masters Memphis were the leaders in the race to provide actual postmodern furniture in the 80s. These outlandish (often regarded as unsightly) designs brought all of the aspects of geometry, wonky looking structures and maddening patterns into real life as their products were actual tactile versions of the look. Though they created the goods for an entire room, Memphis made some bold geometric sofa and chairs that ranged from confusing to uncomfortable looking but all of them today look incredibly retro. You can’t have a 1980s themed room without a sofa that you aren’t sure how to sit on.


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