Awesome Retro Décor – Part 2

Burger Phone

It’s hard to imagine that there was ever a time before smartphones but of course there was, yet this didn’t stop chatty teenagers from talking to their friends all night long. Texting hadn’t come around yet but of course the landline had been functional for a good while, so kids or anyone ‘cool’ would make sue they had a phone that fit their style when they made calls. The burger phone is a classic piece of the past that encompasses so many aspects of the era. First of all, it’s huge and clunky, something which we don’t really get anymore since everything is downsizing and becoming minimal. This giant lump of plastic is better used as a speaker phone than a handset because its so bulky it almost doesn’t fit its design purpose. The fact that it is styled around a burger just shows how big fast food culture was during this time and of course it brings a nice mouthful of America with it as its seeded top bun is reflective of Mcdonald’s Big Mac. This thing is perfect for an 80’s style office or any room which wants to revert to a more talkative, tastier time period.

Wesco Spaceboy XL Bin

If you are turning your entire house into a time portal or if you happen to be using the kitchen as your room of choice this one is perfect for you. The Wesco spaceboy is a bin that is out of this world and one which has the feel of an 80’s American diner all over it. Though its price tag may make you think you are buying shares in an actual space program, the payoff here is something that is built to last and one which you really aren’t going to get hold of anywhere else. Throw your stuff away in style with this tiny rocket and its stainless steel hatch that promises to (but definitely wont) blast your rubbish into the stratosphere.

Geometric Wallpaper

There is something about the 80’s and 90’s that just sticks with you, one of the most immoveable aesthetic choices were the intense patterns that popped up on everything from all over print clothing, to walls to cartoon title cards. These fun and energetic designs can easily be incorporated into your house if you want to bring every surface back in time. Of course wallpapering is also kind of a thing of the past, since most modern styles stick to a single colour of paint. Luckily you wont necessarily have to get the decorators in for this one as novelty wallpaper designs often come in removable forms. This is another great modern day edit on an old school item as the peel and stick varieties let you get that mad frantic look without the additional physical and mental strain. Make sure to look around for something that fits your style as there are lots of funky looks to choose from including black and white,  intense full colour, metallic and more.


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