Awesome Retro Décor – Part 1

Retro style is very much on the rise thanks to the trappings of 80s and now early 90s coming back into fashion. What makes these so iconic for retro lovers is that there was a huge surge of commercialism in these two decades, which left us with not just a hereditary sense to buy but also a dense cluster of toys, furnishings and more that absolutely sing of their era. With a visual sense that moved away from the psychedelics of the 70s and into the neon blues and pink plastics, the retro feel that comes with some of these artifacts of consumerism are top notch. With gadget shops and online stores full to the brim with new designs intent on getting you to relive (or in many peoples cases, live for the first time) in the era of vibrant zig zags and pixilated two colour screens, there are indeed some interesting new additions out there. If you are eager to fill your house or just a single room with beloved retro junk here are some easy ways to make your allotted space a lot more radical.

Donkey Kong Shelves

A rising part of retro is its relation to old technology specifically old games which not only let people regress to a time where games looked a lot more ‘charming’ (otherwise known as worse) but also when being an avid gamer meant you had to leave your house on a regular basis. Arcades of the time were the gaming communities of the day and few exist in the same way now, one of the most popular and difficult cabinet titles was of course Donkey Kong. The origins of the now unforgettable videogame character and mascot of Nintendo – Mario, Donkey Kong was an unforgiving platformer that required timing, patience and lots of loose change. Now you can bring all of that fun (and pent up frustration) to your walls with this fitting shelving style. Ripped straight from the low-resolution screens these shelves make you want to kidnap a princess and throw barrels at a plumber yourself.

Neon Lamps

The phase of everything lit in neon reached some great heights in this time period and unless you live near an old motel somewhere its likely that you don’t see them often any more. What’s great about neon is that it can be customised to make writing or even images of whatever you want. Now you can easily buy strips of neon cable and create your own lighting for your room, twisting and winding it to say whatever 80’s movie catchphrase was your favourite or simply replicating a logo of your most beloved brand. The great thing about the modern day equivalents is that they are a fair bit safer than the bulbs used back in the day and even come in really handy battery powered varieties. Make your way to Amazon and find a pack of different coloured neon strips for less than £10, a price which may have you coating your whole house in a vibrant glow.