80s Fashion Trends

The 1980s were a revolutionary time for many different parts of modern culture, from the emerging variations of electronics and power metal in the music scene to new computer graphics in visual media. However, one of the most notable differences between the 80s and now is the fashion sense. Some would argue that there was no sense in 80s fashion, and that consumerism had begun its rampant streak turning all things, both worthwhile and ridiculous (as some 80s garments seemed to be) into consumer items. This however isn’t a broadly shared view, and though the decade had its faux pas, it heralded many visual treats that were so popular designers of today can’t help but revive them.

Laceless Adidas

You may be familiar with the brand since this sportswear giant is one of the biggest on the globe, however the act of wearing their footwear with no laces was a very 80s phenomenon. It seems completely backwards to take the laces out of shoes, since after all their purpose is to secure them in place around your feet, but this didn’t stop hip-hop superstars RUN DMC from creating this urban fashion trend. They were often kitted out with full Adidas tracksuits, which are still popular today, but the lace free kicks were really iconic and really 80’s.

Giant Tops

This was a huge 80s fashion staple for both men and women. Seemingly after the hippies of the 70s spent a lot of time topless or naked, clothing companies just had excess amounts of fabric lying around, what else can explain the sheer unnecessary addition of sometimes double the amount required to fit any frame. From lightweight nylon to heavy sweaters, making sure your top could fit you and about 3 friends inside it was key to being cool.

Immense Earrings

Things got big in the 80s and not just home workout videos and the original mobile phones, Earrings. Though you may be privy to a hoop from time to time, the folk of the yesteryear would scoff at the small and insignificant ear décor of today. Back then if you were going to wear an earring people were  going to notice. All manner of shapes and additions were added to them in the form of metal and anything else they could find it seemed. Giant gold obelisks, terrific silver polygons and several layers of cascading sparkles would make up simply one earring, with both men and women rocking the look.

Mini Skirts

It was the time when girls just wanted to have fun and they definitely did on the catwalks and out of the malls with rising popularity of the mini skirt. It may seem like something which pre-dated the 80s which they did, but their resurgence in a time of female revolution saw them come back as an expression of fun and feminism. Often coupled with leggings mini skirts were worn by almost every youthful female of the time in many variations. If you wore one with a huge top, leg warmers, laceless Adidas and had something resembling an Egyptian artifact dangling from your ear, you were probably the raddest girl in town.


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