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The championship that the Chicago cubs just experienced is nothing short of a miracle. Even those who are not baseball fans are surprised to hear about the one hundred and eight year time length that the team suffered. Can they pull of another one in 2017 though? As long as their curses have been lifted.

There are a couple of theories as to why the Cubs have not won any World Series since 1908 but no one really knows for sure what the problem truely was. At first the team had blamed one of their original players named Fred Merkle, whom in 1908 was accused of cursing the team for stealing second base. At this time there had also been rules set that were not enforced before and when the fans ran onto the feild in anger the ref called a tie.

Later in 1945 a tavern owner tried to bring his goat to the game and was turned away. After arguing with the man that refused to allow entry the tavern owner “cursed” the team. Later in 1984, his son tried to redeem the team and lift the curse by bringing in the tavern mascot, the billy goat, but it did not work.

There is not one particular reason why the Chicago Cubs did not win. Even if you beleive in curses, it had to be something more to it than just a higher power saying “No winning for you”. The Cubs have talent and always have but their just not playing better than the other teams.

Now, the Cubs could definetly have another great year next year if they play the way they did this last game and remember to not think about some curse. Also, they had to do some major adjustments to there player roster which may have done the trick. You can have a band with people who can not play an instrument so why have a team that can not get the job done right?

It is no secret that the world went nuts that faithful night so remembering that night will be easy. The Cubs need to also remember so if it is not broken do not fix it… keeping the men they had on their roster better be what happens to score another beautiful trophy in 2017.

There is one person who should be kept away due to his horrible job this season, Jason Heyward. Even thought he has had better games and seasons in the past he just did not hold up to his expectation this year.

Another thing to think about, or at least for a few people, those men traded to the Yankees must be really giving them selves a kick in the rear. If only they had the chance to become part of history, but it could be the very reason that the Chicgo Cubs did so much better this year even though those men were not exactly to blame for the 108 year loss the team has suffered. It just may have been the right move for this years victory.