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Comments Off on Why the Chicago Cubs Will Repeat as World Series Champs in 2017

The championship that the Chicago cubs just experienced is nothing short of a miracle. Even those who are not baseball fans are surprised to hear about the one hundred and eight year time length that the team suffered. Can they pull of another one in 2017 though? As long as their curses have been lifted. There are a couple of theories as to why the Cubs have not won any World Series since 1908 but no one really knows for sure what the problem truely was. At first the team had blamed one of their original players named Fred Merkle, whom in 1908 was accused of cursing the team for stealing second base. At this time there had also been rules set that were not enforced before and when the fans ran onto the feild in anger the ref called a tie. Later in 1945 a tavern owner tried to […]